Welcome To Pacification Grid



Welcome to Pacification Grid. We are a virtual community dedicated to creating a family friendly, carefree, creative, drama-free and fun environment.  Builders and Designers are welcome!

Our residents and guests are our foremost priority.  From our Guides at the Welcome Center to our Pac Admins we are there to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

We are dedicated to bringing you some of the best talent available on Opensim in our venues. Dj’s. Live Singers and Special Events are just some of the things we work hard to provide.



Registration is free and easy!

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Gloebit Mall

Money Tree for New Residents

Daily Events  


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Coming soon MAINLAND!

Mainland is a community within a community complete with its own mall for designers and builders to sell their creations, clubs and VIP residences. The residences are 64x64 where you can add your own home and set your own music.






The word Pacification means an attempt to create or maintain peace. That is what Pacification Grid is all about.  It is the founders dream to build a peaceful, caring grid where friendship and sharing is the way of life.

Pac Grid, as we call it, is not operated just by the founders. We have a panel of residents known as the Pac Administrators that join together to solve issues and discuss new projects.  We vote on everything related to maintaining the goals for our grid.

We have weekly meetings to discuss current issues, share good news, and schedule events.

In the case of having to ban a visitor or resident it is decided by the full panel of Administrators and Founders.  A majority vote must be reached to implement denying anyone access to our grid.  It is very rare for us to ban any avatar. Appeals can be made with a meeting of the founder and at least one Pac Administrator to discuss why they were banned and resolve the issue.

Any complaints must be presented to the Admins and brought to the meeting for discussion and voting if necessary

Child avatars are welcome on Pacification Grid; however they must play age appropriate and stick to pg regions.



Scheduled Events

All events may be rescheduled.  Please check the grid for notices and changes.

SUN 12-2 DJ Gertie Peacock

SUN 2-3  Wosy Live Klub Koala ( Every Other Week)

MON 12-2 DJ John/Topsy Avalon

MON 2-4  DJ Rusty Car Wash

TUE 12-1 Sierio Blinker Live Coyote Ugly

TUE 1-3  DJ Xazha Love Shack

WED 12-1 Lucky Chiung Live Coyote Ugly

WED 2-4  DJ Gertie/ Peacock

THUR 12-1 Ichie Kamachi Live Coyote Ugly

THUR 1-2  David Live/ Peacock

THUR 2-4  DJ Xazha/Peacock

THU 4-5  Wosy Live/Peacock

FRI 12-2 DJ Xazha/ Love Shack

FRI  2-4  DJ Kitty Peacock Club

FRI 5-6  Lucky Chiung Live/Erdette Peacock

SAT 2-4  Sciavo Broadcast Peacock

SAT 6-8  GREEDY Welcome Greedy Park