Welcome To Pacification Grid



Our guests and residents are our foremost priority.
It is our dream to build a friendly, caring grid where friendship and sharing is the way of life.
We strive to provide friendly information to everyone.  Our staff is working diligently to provide free clothing and other items a new resident may need.
We are here for you.
This grid was created by the owner to provide a helpful, peaceful,caring home with exciting venues.  It is our goal to provide some of the best live singers and Dj's in Open Sim for your enjoyment as well as promoting a drama free new world.
Our staff is dedicated to these goals and show their respect in everything they do. Our residents are enjoying the peace and community within Pacification Grid.
Our motto is  have fun and enjoy.
As the owner, I would like to say I feel like we have been blessed by our residents and our guests.  Thank you for your support
Our strong points have always been helping others and having fun....you are our guests.  
Enjoying this world has been reflected in many of the videos we have posted in the past  and will continue in the future
So join in the fun on Pacification Grid!  
We are so glad you are here.... Welcome Home
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Pacification Grid 2019 
5 US / a month  1/4 of a sim 
10 US  / a month   for starter region   sim 15 k prim 
15 US  /a month for standard  region 20 k Prim 
25 US  /a month  for a 2x2  40 K Prim
35 US /a month for a 2x2  80 k prim