Scheduled Events

All events may be rescheduled.  Please check the grid for notices and changes.

SUN 12-2 DJ Gertie Peacock

SUN 2-3  Wosy Live Klub Koala ( Every Other Week)

MON 12-2 DJ John/Topsy Avalon

MON 2-4  Dj Cale

TUE 12-1 Sierio Blinker Live Coyote Ugly

TUE 1-3  DJ Xazha Love Shack

WED 12-1 Lucky Chiung Live Coyote Ugly

WED 2-4  DJ Gertie/ Peacock

THUR 12-1 Ichie Kamachi Live Coyote Ugly

THUR 1-2  David Live/ Peacock

THUR 2-4  DJ Xazha/Peacock

THU 4-5  Wosy Live/Peacock

FRI 12-2 DJ Xazha/ Love Shack

FRI  2-4  DJ Kitty Peacock Club

FRI 5-6  Lucky Chiung Live/Erdette Peacock

SAT 6-8  GREEDY Welcome Greedy Park