welcome to Pacification Grid were So Glad you're Here Dream your Life and build it here see it come to life !!http://www.grid-pacification.info/ we are newbie friendly . This Grid was build on friendship . My Brother Cale name me jeddocK please feel free to use it .
Pacification Grid Birthday
Feb 17 2019 3:08pm PST
Real Life Picture

Real Life
sister Chrissa Wosy GDaughter, cale , Kali Vicky angel
True friends are hard to come by and family too over the last Year I found them and Very Grateful and I have the up most respect for them . everyone is not alway your sister not alway your family . I have a few other as matter fact a lot more then I thought . what make them family and friend is Easy they take nothing from me but friendship and they caring people honorable Trust worthy Thier not back stabbing we enjoy the company of each other friend shiip .and the people around us .they are not power hungry dictairor and use other for steping stone . Sue Great friend sister Jennifer , Spoil and by close sister Xazha better know as X my niece Ayanna my sister Lucky these are family and many other wish .

Sweetwater Mall and Peacock Club
.SWEET WATERS MALL HOME TO PEACOCK CLUB . The club is here for Entertainment at its best and shops wiith some Best deigner

Welcome Center
WELCOME Center is where you get your start in Pacification Grid and your your beginning make friend and starter home . please respect other home do not enter with out invite learn as much as you can about the Grid Hope this will be your home alway welcome to PAC Grid we are so Happy you are here .

Little Venice
Love, like a river, will cut a new path to Dream's of the Heart The spirit isn't forgotten It's never ending Love welcome to Little venice .

I will dream I will build and I will enjoy
I Can to Opensim for freedom I made the choice long ago to about real life. And life is both serious and funny. Inworld or real life I will not be bully imtimidate can here to enjoy my self and the friend I did make be aware you lost something along the way I found me I will not steal or use other people .to make my self look good in other eyes so Dont Im me with your bull and hide behind other you got somthing to say to me. do not send other people or hide with alt better still kiss my ever loveing xxas

care wash

Please take time to read
I will not be on as much please use the mypc for any issure you are having , I will check it as much as I can ,Private reason please do not be concen , GRID NOT GOING ANY WHERRE

MY Favorite ( COLOR )
Black =The positive traits of black include protection and comfort, as well as, strong, contained, formal, sophisticated, seductive, white =Some of the positive meanings that white can convey include cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. The color white often seems like a blank slate, symbolizing a new beginning or a fresh start. Blue =Serenity Blue is a color that suggests peace. The color of the calm sea and clear sky are both blue which helps promote inner serenity, calm, and clarity. Blue can also slow your heart rate and breathing, making it the perfect color to choose when mediating and relaxing..

Main Land

welcome Center
welcome Pacification Grid enjoy your stay Rules are easy to follow Be Kind to one other , respect other people Build and home's No Bad Language at welcome center no Nudity . feel free to ask question any time contact Jadore Dior or Topsy , John cale , Chrissa , Rachel ,Walter .Lets Keep this a Peaceful Place where people meet and Join Hand In friend ship. If your a child avatar Please stay in your child Like behavior and not cause issuer with adult other wise your welcome here .

Undelete Refugees
Group Charter

Makeup, Skin, Shapes, Clothes, and Hair. Second Life & Open Sim.

Pac Community
Group Charter


.:TIPTOE Designs:.
Shoes Feet Clothing Hair

spam whatever
Advertisment Group! Anyone Can Join, but please write up your add in PG terms, adult stuff in a NC. Everyone has posting and chat rights

Pac Sand Boix
This is a community Sandbox Please take care of it Retun is 8 hours

klub koala
hewwwo dis is a pwace to be happy and care fwee and jus enjoy fwendship we will be hasing a party every other sunday at two oclock i will sing at two o clock daddy dj cale will dj at three o clock

Rose Island
Home for me

David Hauptman Friends
Welcome to my group. Feel free to help yourself to some coffee, and there's tea as well. I look forward to seeing you at my sets, however, even if I don't, I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what you choose to do. Let's all lift each other up, and keep this a fun place to be. David

Oldies97 listeners group
This group is for updates, events, owner contact to schedule your event. Rusty Sciave owner Oldies 97 Sciavo Broadcasting Inc http://server3.luschaudio.com:10018

Pac- Resident
Group for Resident Vip owner

Newbie family New Home for newbie that come to Pac Grid ARE NOT ALLOWED: # No Nudie # Skyboxes # Ban lines # Rudeness of any kind # Landscaping #Objects or builds on your land that interfere visually with the peaceful landscape theme. (Will be returned) Age must be under year old. Period of time is 1 month and can be extended to 2 months if required. Prim usage: 500 prims Have fun and an happy life in your new home :)))) land are already landscaped and have a house. You will have . Need

PAC Administrator
this group is for The Grid to Insure better policies and procedure are put in to Place for a better community

Fairy's Glow
Creating My own magic in a magical place

SmokeHouse Brown Blues
Total Blues ! Nothing but the blues,I ?? Blues---Blues---Blues.?? any kind of blues play it!! The Blues... Its the Mood, Its The Music, Its the Message If you Need Them,We Got Them If You Got Them, We promise we will make you lose them ! Come join our family of the blues!

Coyote Ugly
Group Charter

The Blue Lagoon
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Welcome Center
Welcome to Pacification Grid! Please make yourself at home and take a look around. If you have any questions or need any help, or would just like a tour, please let me know. I am happy to help and/or show you around. There are Men & Woman's FREEBIES in the Welcome Office and the Women's Fashion store down from the office We have a wonderful Grid Club here called The Peacock Club and more clubs coming in soon. Also two grid malls and more malls coming in soon. We also have a Greedy Park and free games open to all on Saturdays. If you make a Pacification Grid avatar, you can have a free ($P1) home for 30 days to check out the grid and make some friends. I can also walk you through that process. Thanks and have a great day!

Peacock Club and Sweetwater mall
A Peacock Club provided an elegant setting where many Entertainer come . Is Your taste buds calling for some down home music from country blues Jazz 50s 70 , 80s and 90 Well this is the place to be . Contest sploder fun people and Great mall Ferraris Fashions Dazzle River Island women fashions and many others. Dress code casual then some Night after 5 to Formal There is no place better then a community Club then pacification Grid

Little Venice
Romantic Place to live adult community adult roll playing please nudity out side your home thank you Love, like a river, will cut a new path to Dream's of the Heart The spirit isn't forgotten it offer Boating one home to a other romatiic Ballroom Park free market place Odds and Ends Furniture and much more welcome to Love land