New to this world, just explorin and havin fun. Left SL tired of the drama so if you have drama stay away from me.
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Jun 23 2019 5:45pm PDT
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This is a community Sandbox Please take care of it Retun is 8 hours

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Advertisment Group! Anyone Can Join, but please write up your add in PG terms, adult stuff in a NC. Everyone has posting and chat rights

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welcome Pacification Grid enjoy your stay Rules are easy to follow Be Kind to one other , respect other people Build and home's No Bad Language at welcome center no Nudity . feel free to ask question any time contact Jadore Dior or Topsy , John cale , Chrissa , Rachel ,Walter .Lets Keep this a Peaceful Place where people meet and Join Hand In friend ship. If your a child avatar Please stay in your child Like behavior and not cause issuer with adult other wise your welcome here .

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