? ARIES + ? PISCES = Taken 24/12/17 I love you my sweetheart. 200% taken in both lives by my sexy Panther.
Ra Panther
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Apr 05 2019 2:14pm PDT
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Real Life
taken 27/12/17 get to know me i might tell you. Age & voice varified female from ~U.K~
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welcome Center
welcome Pacification Grid enjoy your stay Rules are easy to follow Be Kind to one other , respect other people Build and home's No Bad Language at welcome center no Nudity . feel free to ask question any time contact Jadore Dior or Topsy , John cale , Chrissa , Rachel ,Walter .Lets Keep this a Peaceful Place where people meet and Join Hand In friend ship. If your a child avatar Please stay in your child Like behavior and not cause issuer with adult other wise your welcome here .

Pac Community
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RS Systems
Hello everyone and welcome to RS Systems we create High Quality Mesh Objects and code scripted games for opensim visit our store Game O Rama On World Map

I am a Cudzeee!
Group for Cudzoo's fans!

David Hauptman Friends
Welcome to my group. Feel free to help yourself to some coffee, and there's tea as well. I look forward to seeing you at my sets, however, even if I don't, I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what you choose to do. Let's all lift each other up, and keep this a fun place to be. David

the barn
everbody welcome

Newbie family New Home for newbie that come to Pac Grid ARE NOT ALLOWED: # No Nudie # Skyboxes # Ban lines # Rudeness of any kind # Landscaping #Objects or builds on your land that interfere visually with the peaceful landscape theme. (Will be returned) Age must be under year old. Period of time is 1 month and can be extended to 2 months if required. Prim usage: 500 prims Have fun and an happy life in your new home :)))) land are already landscaped and have a house. You will have . Need

spam whatever
Advertisment Group! Anyone Can Join, but please write up your add in PG terms, adult stuff in a NC. Everyone has posting and chat rights

Pac Sand Boix
This is a community Sandbox Please take care of it Retun is 8 hours

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