River Island Fashions for Woman hop://grid-pacification.info:8002/Sweet%20Waters/61/19/22 Copy and Paste into chat then easy TP! It cost me more for materials to make a custom order then the value of the order itself so no custom orders please! My main grid now my home! Spam whatever group for advertising hop://grid-pacification.info:8002/app/group/8f4204b7-d37f-4795-9dd6-e65c0d805a2e/about
Pacification Grid Birthday
Mar 13 2019 4:00pm PDT
Real Life Picture

Real Life
Do you even have to ask about my RL? If it ain't broke why bother fixing it?
Peacock Club
Shopping Mall and Entertainment at it's Best Club Peacock for your enjoyment Open 24 /7 may be use for PRIVATE EVENT please contact Xazha Halsey .

System Male Outfits@SweetWater Mall
Shopping Mall and Entertainment at it's Best Club Peacock for your enjoyment Open 24 /7 may be use for PRIVATE EVENT please contact Xazha Halsey .

Welcome Center

welcome Center
welcome Pacification Grid enjoy your stay Rules are easy to follow Be Kind to one other , respect other people Build and home's No Bad Language at welcome center no Nudity . feel free to ask question any time contact Jadore Dior or Topsy , John cale , Chrissa , Rachel ,Walter .Lets Keep this a Peaceful Place where people meet and Join Hand In friend ship. If your a child avatar Please stay in your child Like behavior and not cause issuer with adult other wise your welcome here .

spam whatever
Advertisment Group! Anyone Can Join, but please write up your add in PG terms, adult stuff in a NC. Everyone has posting and chat rights

Pac Community
Group Charter

Group Charter all welcome to a working farm we uses voice

Newbie family New Home for newbie that come to Pac Grid ARE NOT ALLOWED: # No Nudie # Skyboxes # Ban lines # Rudeness of any kind # Landscaping #Objects or builds on your land that interfere visually with the peaceful landscape theme. (Will be returned) Age must be under year old. Period of time is 1 month and can be extended to 2 months if required. Prim usage: 500 prims Have fun and an happy life in your new home :)))) land are already landscaped and have a house. You will have . Need


River Island
Home for me and Lost Souls!

SmokeHouse Brown Blues
Total Blues ! Nothing but the blues,I ?? Blues---Blues---Blues.?? any kind of blues play it!! The Blues... Its the Mood, Its The Music, Its the Message If you Need Them,We Got Them If You Got Them, We promise we will make you lose them ! Come join our family of the blues!

David Hauptman Friends
Welcome to my group. Feel free to help yourself to some coffee, and there's tea as well. I look forward to seeing you at my sets, however, even if I don't, I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what you choose to do. Let's all lift each other up, and keep this a fun place to be. David

Pac- Resident
Group for Resident Vip owner

Steelman enterprises Inc.
Steelman Enterprises Inc. (SEI) Has interests in the following: Technologies: Scripts, Multi Vendors, Rental Box's, Building Rezzers, Holo Rezzers, Lucky Chairs , Contest, Message, and Adboards, and many kinds of other fine products. Need something? IM me! ....Steel

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